Special moments, feelings, relationships, accomplishments .. all reflected in a custom design that becomes a legacy piece of jewelry. How special is that?
Designing is how Pete Eliopulos' career in the jewelry industry evolved. The “WOW” factor … the customer’s reaction upon seeing a completed custom design is what energized Pete and to this day, provides his greatest satisfaction.

What can be custom designed?

Any type of jewelry…. ring, necklace, bracelet, earrings, broach, stickpin, etc.
What is the process?

1. Make an appointment to come into the store to meet with us and share your story.

2. What would you like the custom design to reflect?

3. Together with us, you will make sketches for the ring of you dreams … or maybe a pendant, bracelet,
earrings. You might also want to bring your own sketch into the store. We welcome your input! Also, we have
computer generated design capability if your desired outcomes require its use.

4. The next step is a wax up of the final product. We can make some final modifications in this step. Maybe
something we missed in the sketch.

5. Now we cast it in gold.

6. Then clean and set your diamonds or other stones.

7. Last but most important , WOW!

Custom Designs usually require 3 – 4 weeks to complete. You of course can have your choice of stones. Diamonds are our specialty but you will find no better quality of any stone
than what you find here at our Eliopulos Jewelers.

You may also bring in old jewelry for what might be referred to as a facelift. We can modify the existing design and add or modify the stones.
Anything is possible … just come on in and ask!